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Two education resource worth using

In my work, I come across numerous sources of educational materials that can be used by students, teachers and parents.  More and more students are using these solo as well to supplement their own project-based learning.

Image    and   Image

are two websites worth looking into no matter what topic you teach.

I would love to hear feedback if you already use these sites and what you use them for!


STEM Resources for Teachers and Parents

This website is amazing and pretty up-to-date with some great STEM resources for teachers and parents alike.  You query by topic and by grade.

Please let us know if you have used this site before or use it for the first time! Also please share any similar STEM web resources you might use.

A MOONKAM – started March 12th!

This could be an incredible opportunity for STEM-minded teachers to share with their students!  

The GRAIL MoonKAM mission will begin in 2012 when the GRAIL satellites are in orbit around the Moon and the dedicated MoonKAM cameras are activated. The mission will last approximately 80 days. 

Here is the website with the information.

Stop back and comment if you or your students follow this project or come across similar projects!

FREE Student Blogging Challenge starts this week!

Of all the technology tools that I have learned about over these last few years that can be used by students, one that I find most useful is blogging.

Blogging is simple.  Blogging is safe.  Blogging is a way for students to tell a story, to tell their story.  They learn how to share a hobby.  They learn how to write for a specific demographic that teachers can  have them define based on the topic that they choose.  They learn to fine tune their writing skills.  Embedding video, graphics and  photos and links are also useful skills to have as a student.

Many students find the anonymity of creating something online also different than using paper and pencil.  This challenge, conducted through Edublog, is also a chance for students to do some global collaborating!

Respond to this post if you and your students are going to participate!

FREE online conference addresses virtual worlds and gaming in education

The use of virtual worlds and gaming within education is on the rise. In an article in the January issue of THE Journal, 60% of middle school students polled felt that games would help them understand difficult concepts.


The Virtual Worlds – Best Practices in Education conference will take place March 15 – 17.  Now in its fifth year, this free, grass-roots conference provides opportunities for participants in all virtual worlds and games to share innovative teaching, learning and research practices in 3D virtual environments.


Join us at the Roadhouse!

Join us at the Roadhouse!